Some information about bass (gear) I currently share:

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Bass Saiten wechseln

bass speaker cabs

Basslautsprecher und mehr

speaker cabinet properties
Basstechnik (Pickups) bass amp transistor tops
  electric bass makers
Online Einkaufsquellen (DE) electric bass string makers
  thoughts on bass sound shaping
Harley Benton HBBx00 Serie bass monsters
(sorta who is who)
  schematics - electronics
bassbackes Bass Equipment bassbacke's bass equipment
Flohmarkt Links to other bass info websites

bassbacke main bass gear


Scherbenhaufen (Rock with mainly German lyrics)
Lorelay - Singer Songwriter
Olaf sitzt hinten (Rock Cover)
The Handlebars (Blue Trash, Mountain Metal, Hillbilly Grunge, since 1992)
Khak (Frankfurt am Main Persian Pop/Rock, member from 1998 to 2007)
Full Boost (Wiesbaden Hard Rock/Blues/..., member from 2001-12 to 2006-09)
Cannery Row (Frankfurt am Main Progressive Rock, member from 1996 to 1998)
Hard to Handle (Frankfurt am Main Rock'n'Soul, 1991-1995)
Jacob Two-Two (Kreis Offenbach Alternative Pop/ Rock, 1987-1990)

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